Made To Serve Magic 01-03.10.2021

The sky's the limit when it comes to the second appearance of MTSM. We are arriving in style, back to propel you from the holds of gravity into a new dimension. We've taken everything we know and have pushed it further, combining cutting-edge science, precision engineering and a secret cherry on top to deliver the solutions you need. We are delighted to announce that you will have the opportunity to not only travel in time and space but also feel the speed of light dance across your very own skin.

MTSM is back.

   Friday: 01.10.21 / 6-9pm 
  Saturday:  02.10.21 / 11-7pm
Sunday: 03.10.21  / 11-7pm


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Stroboskop Art Space | ul. Siewierska 6, 02-360 Warszawa |